January 2020

Anil Nair CHAIRMAN New Construction Technology Implementation committee CREDAI

Anil Nair is CHAIRMAN of  the New Construction Technology Implementation committee of CREDAI Maharashtra. Anil Nair Nagpur  was the President Of Credai NAGPUR when both the reforms of Real estate regulatory bill ( RERA) and GST was introduced , the first seminar on RERA was done during his tenure where the RERA Chairman Shri Gautam Chatterjee himself came personally to NAGPUR and addressed the members on their concerns and apprehension of  the transition to RERA Anil Nair CREDAI Nagpur,     [Read More]

Anil Nair Nagpur Chairman – Builders Association of India, Nagpur

Anil Nair Nagpur is Chairman – Builders Association of India, Nagpur Chapter About BAI Most executors of infrastructure development programmers and builders of real estate, i.e. the construction companies in India, are under the umbrella of the over-seven-decades-old Builders’ Associa¬tion of India (BAI). BAI is the only all India apex representative body of civil engineering construction companies. BAI was founded in 1941 under the guidance and blessings of Brig. C.V.S. ​ Jackson of Military Engineering Services, ‘Poona’, now known as ‘Pune’, who suggested that builders working under his command, form a body for finding solutions to various problems. He went further and made available a piece of land inside the premises of Southern Command Headquarters in Pune, on which an office was con¬structed and aptly named ‘Jackson Hut’, which stands even today as a monument in BAI’s name. During this journey of over 74 years, BAI’s membership has grown from 250 members spread over 3 Centres, to more than 15,000 direct members spread over about 148 plus Centres across the length and breadth of the country. Various regional associations affiliated to BAI, add another 1,00,000 indirect members. Throughout its more than seven decades of existence, BAI has had its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, moments of strengths and weakness, moments of glory and disappointment. But, its umbrella has protected and furthered the cause of the Indian con¬struction industry and its constituents in many ways: [Read More]

Anil Nair Nagpur – IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Credai Nagpur Metro

Anil Nair  is IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT” of CREDAI Nagpur Metro CREDAI  NAGPUR The CREDAI-Nagpur, earlier known as the Nag Vidarbha Builders Association, was formed in the Year 1998. Since formation, the Association is working for Promoting the Builder’s Activity in the region and is striving to solve the problems & remove hurdles in the path of working of the Builders. The Association represents the Builders in the region at National Level through its affiliation to State Level Body CREDAI –Maharashtra & National level Body ‘CREDAI’, the Confederation of Real Estate Developers in India. The present name CREDAI-NAGPUR METRO was adopted in the year 2011 so as to rightly represent the area of working of the Association. The Association keeps Co-ordination with the various Departments concerned with the Builders Activity such as Town Planning, TP & Valuation, NMC, NIT, Revenue, Nazul, City Survey, MSEDCL, MADC, VARIOUS TAXES DEPARTMENT, etc. and keeps track of the latest information about the new policies connected with the Business. The Association foresees the difficulties that may arise in future and always tries to find the solution to the problems. Anil Nair has  served  the  organization to achieve  its objectives. Anil Nair, Anil Nair Nagpur, Pioneer Infrastructures Company Pvt. Ltd, Anil Nair CREDAI Nagpur, Anil Nair CREDAI Nagpur, [Read More]

Anil Nair Nagpur

Anil Nair's Pioneer Infrastructures Company Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur is a Premier, ISO 9001- 2000 certified Construction Company with over twenty six years of fruitful existence. [Read More]